Baile Áit

Baile Áit is Icaris’ personal demiplane. He first forged the plane 100 years ago, and has made it into his home.


  • Size: 4500 sq. ft. (In 10ft. cubes)
  • Parent Plane: Astral Plane
  • Floor Material: Earth
  • Wall/Ceiling Material: Mist, with the appearance of an aurora.
  • Climate: As a temperate spring day
  • Light Level: Normal
  • Planar Traits: None


  • Mages Private Sanctum: Active on entire plane. Prevents all forms of divination or remote viewing.
  • Forbiddance: Active on entire plane (extra actually 7,200 ft.). Prevents all forms of extra-dimensional travel into or out of plane, unless the password is spoken upon casting. [Password: I am not my fathers ]


Planar Layout
The ground has been planted with grass and a 4 cherry trees are planted in the open central area.

1: Icaris’ Home

This simple wooden home is very rustic, containing a bed and trunk, a writing desk with magical lamp, a dining table and chairs, and a small kitchen.
It is kept clean, but is not particularly organized.

2: Storage Shed

This small building houses Icaris’ tools, equipment and anything not housed in his home. It contains:

  • A set of masterwork farming tools.
  • Various books and research notes (those not being housed on his desk.)
  • Water, food, and feed.

Baile Áit

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